"Being of Yoruba descent, there is a natural inclination towards the proverbial. We Like proverbs. And my background in theatre has given me an appreciation for suggestion and poetry. 

For me, sculpture seems to play between these these worlds of the proverbial, poetical and theatrical. In any case, to always allow the idea to lead.  The idea, however it comes, will make use of us and our experience to communicate what needs to be communicated."


WOLI [Yoruba for "Prophet"].2020

"The two sculptures, with the moulding of instruments speak to the metaphor of these two figures being spiritual instruments, and pillars for their communities. It further speaks to the artist as instrument… the spiritually of sound and music and how language interplays between objects and how we interpret things. Music itself is seen as subjective albeit transmitted through a tangible object, yet, messages are still personal to the individual in a collective experience.

What does this mean for how we understand ourselves and the world…?"

 © Adebayo Bolaji