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By Jacky Ivimy

Directed by Adébayo Bolaji

Composed by Kate Luxmoore

Designed by Carl Robertshaw

Puppetry by Jenny Dee


A dragons roar wakes Miranda into a fantastical lost world. The idol Moloch rules over heaps of treasure and weapons as great voices from the past cry out to Miranda to right the wrongs of an angry Earth. Led by Ayida Wedo, mysterious spirit guide, can she find her own wisdom and the courage to escape from this black mirror world of greed and war without falling for the wiles of the ominous Servant?

A deliciously dark "down-the-rabbit-hole" tale... a play of ideas

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Adébayo Bolaji creates a limited edition set of films inspired by his poetry book ‘We Are Elastic Ideas’.

The edition contains seven short films- each film being an interpretation of a poem written by Bolaji.

Out of the seven films two films have been made available here for public viewing.

Book available at ochre


POEM ONE. Based on the poem ‘Capable’. 

POEM TWO. Based on the poem #Untitled 3



Written by Jacky Ivimy

Directed by Adébayo Bolaji



Watch Bolaji work with a group of creatives on Jacky Ivimy's play DIALEKTIKON, based on the 1960s Dialectics of Liberation. The play uses speeches from the great speakers of the 60s within the context of today's political debate of climate change.


The story is told through the eyes of a young girl, Miranda- who experiences these voices amidst psychedelic happenings  trying to make sense of them and her world.



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